If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder and seeking relief, you must consult a doctor.  Generally, disorders related to anxiety are treated through the use of pills or therapy. Oftentimes it is better to use medication and at the same time, go to a therapist.

Your doctor should carefully evaluate you before issuing you a prescription. It is their job to ensure they diagnose you correctly to avoid any problems.  Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders are also abusers of various substances like alcohol or they also have depression due to their anxiety.  There are many treatments available that combat both anxiety and depression in one pill form such as Cipralex.

If you have already tried a medication from a previous doctor, please mention that when you go to your next one. Tell your doctor if you thought it was or wasn’t working.  There is no perfect cure, but the medication should help you feel more relaxed, ease your nerves and feel more calm in social situations or times in which you would have a severe anxiety induced episode.

Psychotherapy also can help you understand the reasoning behind your anxiety in the event that it is not genetic. Your counselors will provide a relief and a person to help you make sense of what you are experiencing. They will also be able to notice change in your behavior as you begin taking medications and see if the medications are working for you and your type of anxiety disorder.

With the help of medication and treatment or counseling, you will begin the path to leading a fulfilling and happy healthy life.