Types of Anti-Anxiety Medications and Avoiding Misdiagnosis

Before you take any type of medication for your anxiety disorder or social phobia, please remember the following:

  • Do NOT self-diagnose. Your doctor is a trained, educated medical professional and can help you
  • Please ask your medical practitioner about any side effects of taking the medication
  • If you are taking any other forms of therapy or natural therapies, tell your doctor to ensure there are no complications of mixing medications
  • Remember that you may need to start with a smaller dosage and increase if it is not working, or decrease if you feel the drug is “too much”. Keep your doctor updated on how you feel.  Write jot notes in a journal to record how you feel on a daily basis
  • Take your dosage REGULARLY and do not double your dosage on a day if you forgot the day previously. Set an alarm to help youRemember that medications are not a cure for your anxiety. Rather, they will help alleviate some of the pain you are experiencing and make it easier for you to carry out day to day tasks without stress or feeling burdened.