Anxiety Disorder

There are many types of anxiety disorders that affect over forty million americans each year.

These anxiety episodes cause the person experiencing one to feel uncertain and with fear.  Many people do not understand what these disorders truly mean, as everyone experiences episodes of fear during experiences like public speaking or going on an interview. However, people with anxiety disorders experience severe symptoms for a minimum of six months.

Many people who experience these types of episodes will seek aid on substances like alcohol or other and this leads to more problems.

There are many different types of treatment options and therapies available. You do not need to suffer alone or without the aid of others.

Other people experience social phobia that can cause people to feel extremely anxious and very self-conscious in normal life on a daily basis.  They constantly worry that everyone is looking at them or that people are judging and critiquing their every move. This can be a hindrence in their work life and their social life leading them to recluse to their homes and not want to get out and socialize for fear of being ridiculed or shamed.  Social phobia has been recorded as affecting over 15 million Americans.  Both men and women are affected by it and some evidence supports the idea that it is genetic.

Medications can greatly help ease the pain and discomfort of such symptoms.