Anxiety And Me: A Poem

Sometimes I feel lost,

The city is moving but my mind stops.

Where do I go and who can I trust?

Everywhere I look, they see me.

Staring. Without stopping.

Wondering, waiting. Fearful.

Where do I go? Where can I hide?

I swear the walls are in on it too.

Nowhere to go. I feel all alone.

“We all have this problem” – they tell me, those who don’t know.

Do you feel this desperate?

Do you feel this cold?

I shake and shiver in my fear.

Not even sleep can relieve me of my despair.

I dream and nightmare of my current state,

Waiting and waiting to stop my self-hate.

Help me, I scream.

No one understands.

I need relief from this pain. But who to trust?

Where to go, relieve me, I beg.

I need my health back, my life back.

I pray for redemption.

I pray for relief.

When will the pain end?

When will the suffering stop.

I used to love all and be loved by all.

Now alone. Without anyone.

Hoping and waiting, for the anguish to dissipate.

the dissipation of hate.